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Young People For (YP4) is a social justice incubator. We provide life-long social justice leadership training to unlock the potential of young people historically left out of opportunity. We are a national network that centers black, brown, indigenous, disabled, and LGBTQ+ leaders in education, media, politics, business, government, and everywhere.

We’re dedicated to encouraging young people to be campus and community leaders today, while supporting them with the skills and resources they need to create the change they want to see, now. Our Fellows and Alumni create Blueprints for some of the most game-changing social justice work in the nation


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We’ve created dozens of toolkits, newsletters, and other easy-to-use resources to help young people further their social justice and organizing work. Topics range from fundraising and job searching to event planning and building community coalitions.

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YP4 gave me the understanding of my work and shaped how I navigate political systems, as well as provided the best worldwide network of friends and colleagues.

Gigi Traore / Class of 2005

[YP4] is the reason that I have the resources, the know-how, and the confidence to run for office. My trainers and the peer network have been immensely supportive.

Dustin Cox / Class of 2007

From the Black Lives Matter movement to the fight for our Dreamers, we are all connected and in this movement together. As one big YP4 family, be proud of where you come from.

Alray Nelson / Class of 2012
Lifetime Investment

YP4’s leadership development model is rooted in a lifelong commitment to the young people who come through the Fellowship program. We don’t invest for a few months or even just a year; we invest for a lifetime.

Ongoing Engagement

Through our Alumni Engagement opportunities, former YP4 Fellows stay connected with each other far beyond the fellowship year, building a diverse progressive movement with a strong sense of family.

Collective Support

Our extensive Alumni Network cultivates and supports the newest generation of progressive leaders by nominating and selecting our Fellowship class each year, serving as mentors and trainers, and more.

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