Young People For (YP4), a program of People For the American Way Foundation, is taking a stand for progressive values and investing in the long-term infrastructure of our movement by providing young adults with the opportunities to become powerful advocates for social change in their communities. Young people provide a vital infusion of ideas, energy, and passion to the progressive movement, and their continued activism and leadership is critical to building a progressive future.

For over 30 years, ultraconservatives have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in young people and built an infrastructure that initiates youth into the radical right movement through campus activism, leadership training, and career development. Their investments have paid off. This reality is evident in today’s conservative Supreme Court and state legislatures, as well as in the ongoing attacks on our core civil rights and freedoms.

In order to achieve the same political success the radical right has enjoyed for the past three decades, progressives must do more than focus on the next round of elections and pay lip service to engaging young people. We must make a serious, long-term investment in the next generation of progressive leaders.

Our Mission

Young People For is a national long-term a leadership development program for college aged folks, that aims to identify, engage and empower young people who are historically left out of the leadership development pipeline to take action in their community. We are dedicated to encouraging young people to be campus and community leaders today, while supporting them with the skills and resources they need to create the change they want to see, now.

Our Vision

Young People For will partner with diverse young activists to empower them to be change agents on their campus and in their communities and to prepare them for long-term roles as leaders in the progressive movement.

Our Values

–  Innovation

–  Democracy

–  Respect

–  Integrity

–  Sustainability

Our Principles

–  Accountability and Continuous Improvement

–  Social Justice

–  Community-Driven Organizing

–  Youth Leadership

–  Sustainability

–  Collaboration

–  Transparency

What does involvement with YP4 look like?

At the core of Young People For is a one year Fellowship program, offered each year to 150 diverse young people from across the country who are committed to creating positive social change on their campuses and in their communities. Our programs offer numerous opportunities for young people at all stages of their leadership development to become involved with YP4 and grow agents of change. To get a sense of what involvement with YP4’s programs looks like, please go to our Fellowship page, as well as our Alumni and Civic Engagement program pages.

YP4’s programs connect talented young progressive leaders across the country with each other and with organizations to network, share ideas, and learn valuable skills so they can create long-term change on the issues that matter most to them.