Our Allies

As part of a larger progressive movement for justice, equality, opportunity, and democracy, Young People For (YP4) works with a multitude of local, state, and national organizations that are committed to a long-term investment in the newest generations of progressive leaders.

Young People For believes that collaboration is critical to building youth power and establishing effective, strategic leadership pipelines across the nation.

Together with our partners, we are dedicated to:

• Building a new culture of information sharing,
• Leading joint trainings and conferences,
• Building strong and collaborative relationships,
• Diversifying our collective funding streams, and
• Strategically collaborating on our work.

Our partner organizations share a common set of values, support each other’s missions, and extend opportunities for collaboration. If you are interested in becoming a partner of YP4, please contact Christin “Cici” Battle  at cbattle@pfaw.org