Front Line Leaders Academy

The Front Line Leaders Academy (FLLA) is a premier leadership development program offered every year by the Young Elected Officials (YEO) Network and YP4 to 20 talented young people who are interested in greater civic participation. By providing them with the opportunity to learn successful skills and tactics from YEOs and campaign experts, participants learn the basic skills needed for working on a campaign or even someday running for office themselves.

Fellows selected for the prestigious program participate in four three-day weekend trainings over the course of the six month program. These trainings cover a wide range of political skills, including how to be an effective campaign manager, finance director, communications director, field organizer and candidate. To supplement the four on-site trainings (all of which will be in Los Angeles in 2014), YP4 coordinates one-on-one coaching sessions aimed at monitoring the progress of each FLLA Fellow. By graduation, FLLA Fellows have developed a wide range of political skills and have compiled a resources workbook that will help them to be effective local leaders.

The 2015-2016 Los Angeles County Front Line Leaders Academy

This year, Front Line Leaders Academy will be in Los Angeles County for a second year. While the county itself is increasingly diverse, most of its civic leaders are not. In an effort to make the landscape more reflective of local communities, the youth leadership programs of People For the American Way Foundation will continue the local Front Line Leaders Academy in LA County. The Front Line Leaders Academy will select 20 young LA-area leaders from diverse backgrounds. As part of their training, these Fellows will be required to complete district-specific research to help them elevate the issues that are most relevant to their own community. We will intentionally recruit young leaders who are not among the county’s “hand-picked” stars, but rather those exhibiting talent and passion about social justice issues who have limited, if any, access to the training and resources necessary to become public servants.

This LA-based FLLA will allow our organization, which has fought for progressive values since 1981, to help ensure that our community leaders are reflective of the people by elevating voices and investing resources into communities that have been underrepresented far too long.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please visit our FAQs page or contact YP4’s Coordinator of Membership Advancement Karen Schillinger at or (202) 467-2368.