Civic Engagement


In the 2012 election, less than six in ten Americans voted. A third of all Americans cannot name all three branches of government and another third cannot even name a single branch of government. American students receive the worst test scores in civics and history than in any other subject. Too many Americans feel disenfranchised from the political process because they never felt part of it. Alex’s Blueprint I M Power empowers young people to partake in the political process through hands on experience. I M Power assigns a student teacher to work with an individual classroom once a week for eight weeks, who works with students to identify an issue before their community that affects them in their day-to-day lives. With the guidance of the student leader, students research that issue and learn how to advocate for their interests. The class concludes with students taking substantive action on the issue they choose. For example, students could advocate on an issue they are about to their elected official or write an op-ed. Our democracy functions best when we all participate and work together. I M Power provides students with an open forum to develop a foundation of civic engagement for the rest of their lives