Education Justice, Voting Rights & Voter Engagement, Gender Parity

Antoinette Gingerelli was a student at Rutgers University pursuing majors in Political Science and Women’s and Gender Studies as well as minors in Middle Eastern Studies and International and Global Studies. Antoinette worked with the Douglass Friends of UNFPA where she found a passion for global health and served as President. For two years, she served as treasurer for the Rutgers Women’s Political Caucus, which encouraged women to run for public office and become actors in the political sphere, and served as President as well. Antoinette served as the AAUW Youth Representative to the United Nations, a County Committeewoman in her hometown and Ms. EduCare 2015 for EduCare Foundation Inc. In the future, Antoinette hopes to pursue a career in social policy reform focusing on health care and education. She hopes to empower women and ensure they are represented in decision-making regarding public policy.