Education Justice

Bianca is a Hispanic-American aspiring writer, and burgeoning humanitarian. She sees YP4 as the perfect platform to help her make a lasting change in her community. Bianca’s passions are the arts, education, mental health, and human rights. She believes in every human being’s right to health, happiness, and prosperity. Her goal is to meet and work with like-minded individuals striving to make a change in the world.


Phone: Art Critically Through her Blueprint, Bianca created Art Critically (AC), a non-profit after school program run by college students that encourages young people in historically marginalized communities to explore issues of social injustice through the fine arts. Through project-based learning infused with the Common Core curriculum, students are able to research issues that impact their community, reflect on the root causes of those issues, and express ways to make positive changes for the greater good. Students are free to write, paint, draw, sing, dance and act in a safe environment that encourages social awareness and justice for all. AC focuses on promoting ethics, creativity, and a sense of community by asking thought-provoking questions and encouraging creative answers. Our motto is Art Critically, Think Creatively.