Civil Rights


Brandon’s blueprint addresses youth expression and empowerment through a group led creative writing workshop for queer youth of color during the summer months. The Blueprint aims to sync art with activism, and creativity with coalition-building. By helping to cultivate written avenues of resistance, and by linking participants with various artistic communities throughout the city, Brandon’s Blueprint will not only provide a safe space for these youth but also support them as they learn how to build such a space them for themselves and with others. While many high schools have developed safe spaces that target queer youth, these spaces do not always allow youth of color the same openness to process racial relations that may conflict in this space. By targeting high schools throughout the city, particularly those of upper Manhattan, his blueprint first addresses the lack of material reflecting a queer experience in high curricula, supplanting it with a course packet of memoir targeting POC youth. Secondly, it seeks to embolden students into publicizing their expression by connecting them with grassroots literary journals for queers of color that remedy the marginalization felt in the larger realm of publishing and grant them new sources of reflection and identification.