My name is Carlos Sanchez and my personal goal is to get as far as possible in my education; unfortunately, I have to pay out of state tuition for being a DACA student (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). I plan to get the Hispanic community in North Carolina more engaged in the local election because I believe that the only way to make a difference is by having a voice in our state legislature. With more representation, we will be able to advocate for more comprehensive laws with better results. I have also served as the Student Government Association President at Central Carolina Community College and Local Interaction Chair for the North Carolina Comprehensive Community College Student Gov. Association (N4CSGA, NC. State SGA Executive Board). As an SGA President, I served as a member of the College Board of Trustees, representing the student body on decisions taken by the board, as well as, work with other clubs to promote student engagement by organizing events for students. Furthermore, as Local Interactions Chair, my job was to work with the community College System Office, on issues that affected community college students in North Carolina. Our issue of the year was Staff and Teacher pay and promotes Civic Engagement among community college students.