Cherish Molezion

Racial Justice


CLEAR (Colorful Leadership Empowerment and Representation) is an organization instituted by underrepresented folks for historically underrepresented youth–– it aims to bridge the opportunity and critical mentoring gap amongst historically underrepresented communities of color, primarily through providing law-related civic education in order to advance justice inside and outside of the classroom. With a diverse set of individuals leading CLEAR, it allows youth of color a sense of belonging and positive role models; this representation is also imperative to hold organizations accountable for serving youth of color in a way that is developmentally and culturally appropriate. CLEAR will partner with existing youth programs to provide a civic education workshop series geared at students ages 3-14. The workshop series will center a practical justice-based legal education to instill a sense of agency, knowledge of intersections of power, and on-the-ground critical-thinking abilities.