Cindy’s involvement in student government, community centered fellowships, education and immigration work, and in progressive policy advocacy in New Mexico (NM) have allowed her to create a dynamic and effective Blueprint for Social Justice. Through her Blueprint, Cindy has created a direct collaborative alliance of organizations, community members, and policy makers to ensure underrepresented and low-income, first-generation New Mexican students have access to higher education. Cindy’s Blueprint works to create an informational campaign to assist students and communities to become engaged in the fight for saving the most important scholarship given to all high school graduates in her state, the New Mexico Lottery Scholarship. Historically, this scholarship has provided higher education tuition coverage for 4 years, but it had become insolvent. Several exclusionary, merit, and excellencebased solutions have been proposed, all of which would have excluded many low income students – the primary recipients of the lottery scholarship – from receiving benefits. By conducting informational forums between students, community leaders, and policy makers, Cindy’s Blueprint has united her community around the legislative debates surrounding the New Mexico lottery scholarship, organizing people for progressive change and ultimately saving the lottery scholarship.