Citlaly Escobar

Racial Justice


“History Beyond Colonization” (H.B.C.) is a year-long program for high school-aged Latin-American students to become cultural anthropologists, critical thinkers, and informed students. H.B.C. aims to rewrite the current, Eurocentric narrative of Latin American history present in Minnesota’s educational discourse by providing a decolonized curriculum of Latin America which 1) explores the rich pre-colonial history of Latin America, 2) investigates the colonial systematic takeover, and 3) analyzes how the past colonial structures are present in modern-day Latin America. H.B.C. supplements the missing pieces of Latin American history by providing a curriculum that expands outside the context of the United States and brings to light the unspoken history of Latin America as a blend of Indigenous, European, and African people. It will incorporate a foundational analysis of institutional oppression, educational justice, and ancestral revival.