Campus Diversity


Claire’s Blueprint will teach and spark discussions amongst young people about effective altruism, the idea of maximizing positive impact per resource used. She will teach two classes, one for high school students and one for Stanford University students, about how to manage serious tradeoffs when trying to do the right thing. These classes will address questions like “should we seek positions of wealth and power, then try to use it for good, or work directly to address the needs and problems different communities face?,” “Should I assist a cause that is personally meaningful to me, even if I believe there are more urgent or important problems facing my society?,” and “How can I know if my culture is causing me to do immoral things that just seem normal to me?” She wants to support thoughtful debates that will challenge both students and the effective altruism movement and figure out how progressive values can best be used to reduce suffering around the world. Claire will also try to reach a wider audience through writing and storytelling in blogs and media outlets.