Combiz Abdolrahimi


Combiz is Deloitte’s Global Emerging Technology and Innovation Leader. He is a senior executive with 15 years’ experience, serving as a national security lawyer, economic and foreign policy advisor, regulator, and technologist at the Dept. of State, Treasury, The Obama-Biden White House and Senate. He served on the OECD, Congressional Black Caucus Energy Braintrust chaired by Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, and the Commerce Secretary’s Trade Finance Advisory Council. He has led initiatives to address climate change, strengthen cybersecurity, combat threats to democracy, expand diversity and inclusion, and accelerate economic growth, while playing a key role in helping organizations recover during the pandemic. Born in Texas, the son of Middle Eastern immigrants, he is a graduate of UCLA, AUB, and Georgetown Law. He is the recipient of the 2020 Federal 100 Award, recognizing top 100 executives who’ve made the greatest impact in government. He speaks Persian, Azerbaijani, Turkish, Arabic, and Spanish.