Community Organizing


Interrogating White Patriarchy (IWP) is a community-based education project that seeks to form a study group of self-identified white men, with a focus on self-identified young white men. IWP will engage in the personal work of interrogating our own internalized superiority over people of color (POC) and people who identify or present as feminine. This will be accomplished by engaging in a continuous process of unlearning the internalized superiority that comes from living in a patriarchal, male-dominated, society. IWP ultimately aims to support activist work led by people of color—especially femmes of color. Supporting femmes of color in particular is important as it helps ensure that IWP will not be inadvertently supporting POC-led activism that also perpetuates sexism. IWP will be based in Seattle and will function as a 10-week political education program over the summer, with one three hour meeting per week.