Dis/ability Justice, Education Justice, Native/Indigenous In Empowerment, Cultural Preservation, & Tribal Sovereignty

Cyndi Bergloff studied linguistics at the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee. Her focus was on literacy in underserved communities, such as the Native/ Indigenous American community. Her educational journey was not easy growing up as a person living in two cultures and much of her primary and secondary education was spent moving between homes and schools. After transferring between three schools in higher education, she found herself at home at University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee. After introspection, Cyndi found that her success and grades were because of the American Indian Student Services at UWM. The advisors were not only catering to her needs as a student, but to her needs as a Native American person. After finding that her college education was not challenging her in the ways she needed it to, Cyndi decided to take two gap years away from college to do service within the community through AmeriCorps. Cyndi spent the school year in 2014-2015 serving with City Year Seattle, and school year 2015-2016 with Playworks Wisconsin. Through her two years of service and her experiences from higher education, Cyndi learned about the importance of educating and serving the whole person. Her passions lie in social-emotional learning, literacy, and equity in the educational systems and one day hopes to create a support and mentorship system for students within her communities.