Voting Rights & Voter Engagement


BLUEPRINT: Getting out Student Voters at Penn State. Seeking to increase civic participation on their campus, YP4 Fellows at Penn State put forth a full scale plan to register, educate, and get voters to the polls on Election Day.Working with a coalition of peers and other campus organizations, the YP4 Fellows created a website that provides students with the information they need to register and vote. The Fellows registered over 1,200 voters on their campus.Then, the Fellows mapped out all the different polling places on the Penn State campus and distributed maps and information to students.They also posted volunteers at polling sites and answered questions that student voters had such as where their polling place was and how to register to vote in the future. The Fellows also worked together in conjunction with Working Assets to help put together an event called Party at the Polls. The event was held at the polling place and was designed to encourage students to vote on Election Day and over 100 students showed up throughout the day. Their efforts help produce a 119% increase in voting at campus precincts, up from 2002.