Idris Mitchell

Health Equity


This two-phase Blueprint is focused on the research, development, dissemination, and implementation of a workshop curriculum centered around mental health and wellness for high school to college-aged youth of color. This curriculum, M(y)WellMap (My Mental Wellness Map), is seeking to close information gaps among minority youth concerning mental health, mental illness, and best practices for long-term wellness. M(y)WellMap is a form of proactive education to inform those genetically predisposed to mental illness and provide educational tools and strategies for all young people to live healthy, and mentally productive adult lives. M(y)WellMap, will be employed by educational institutions and other aligned non-profit organizations, as both a current landscape briefing and framework for seminar-style workshops. The curriculum will be available on an online platform, and leverage other forms of technology, such as phone applications, to provide greater access to the target demographic.