Education Justice


Ismael Gomez is a first generation college student who strives to be the first in his family to earn a Bachelor’s degree and a Ph.D. His motivation for accomplishing his academic goals is fueled by the hope that his successes would inspire Hispanic youths to pursue post-secondary education. Ismael demonstrates his passion for empowering the Hispanic community by working for the Nash-Rocky Mount Schools Migrant Education Program. Through this program, Ismael has had the opportunity to tutor students who move from state to state due to their parent’s migratory agricultural work. These students often do not perform well in school due to the varying academic standards across the U.S and the abrupt interruption of their academic year. Ismael has worked to narrow the gap in the education of these children by tutoring them in the subjects they struggle with the most. IsIsmael has served the Hispanic community by being a mentor and encouraging Hispanic youths to pursue post-secondary education in order to strengthen the Hispanic community. Ismael served as the president of the Math and Science Club as well as a student ambassador at Nash Community College and was the former vice president of the Collegiate Academy of the North Carolina Academy of Sciences. These experiences have refined Ismael’s leadership skills, which he has put to use when he worked with migrant youths. Ismael has pursued a career in Biological research and is hopeful that he will be able to serve as an example for other Hispanic youths to follow. Scholarships from NASA and grants funded from North Carolina State University served as evidence that Ismael is a serious and motivated student.