Racial Justice


Jabari Crenshaw was born and raised in Raleigh, NC. Jabri‘s goals have been to help inner city communities starting with his hometown. Jabari started a program called “Family Evolution” which is a Mentor and Education program that helps inner city kids have access to resources and information that will help them succeed. It is also in place to bring the community together as well and to collectively unite and bring resources together and help provide for each other. Jabari comes from a larger family and that has shaped his lens for social justice. Coming from a household of 5 siblings and a single parent, Jabari’s upbringing was very humble. He learned how to adapt to his surroundings at a very young age. In poverty-stricken families and communities, there seemed to only be a few outlets for young black males. Street Life or Sports life, having an education and going to get a college degree wasn’t the main topic. Jabari worked very hard and received a full scholarship to Wingate University and after two years of playing football, Jabari had to leave his university due to poor decisions. From those decisions, Jabari would rebuild himself. Jabari wants to make sure that the bridge to get young black youth in inner cities on the right track gets built and stays strong. Jabari knows their story and what it takes to succeed. Jabari wants to pursue a degree in early childhood education.