Education Justice


Jaime Gonzalez is a third generation Chicano from a working class, culturally Mexican-Catholic background, born and raised for half his life in southern California, the other half spent in Wisconsin. His passion for social justice stems from being raised by a single mother who inspires him to always fight for what is just, not only for himself but for his community as well. His involvement in the movement began in the fifth grade as he lead a sit-in against school policies that aimed at silencing student voices and expression and continued on to join organizations such as the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) during high school. During his undergraduate career he served as the chair of the Committee on Diversity Affairs, a sub-committee of the student body government, which addressed issues of injustice that arose on campus using a social justice framework. He also actively participated in various diversity and inclusion initiatives on campus including developing and conducting campus wide social justice trainings for students, faculty, and staff. He also served as a member of the President’s Committee on Diversity Affairs which advised the President on diversity and inclusion matters such as recruitment and retention efforts and opportunities for improvement in academic and co-curricular programs. He also co-founded Alianza, a support group for Latinx students on campus to discuss their ideas and concerns related to their identity and culture. Jaime received his B.A. from Lawrence University and is currently pursuing his M.A. at St. Norbert College where he also serves as Assistant Director of the Cassandra Voss Center, a nationally recognized innovative academic center for gender and identity programming and scholarship.