Jasper believes that effectively treating depression is impossible without involving survivors of depression and taking their unique histories into account. Their Blueprint, Define Depression, aims to empower survivors of depression to own their histories with all parts of their identities, including race, history of mental illness, gender identity, sexuality, and more. Define Depression will be a weekend-long conference in the fall of 2014 where young survivors will come together in an effort to support each other in fighting for the access, resources, and support they need in their communities. Participants will learn effective tactics for whatever social justice initiative they plan on pursuing, whether it be demanding gender inclusive locker rooms at their school’s gym, fundraising to provide free access to supplies for art therapy, or launching an education campaign around ableist language. Define Depression will engage participants on the topics that matter to them and provide relevant training materials on fundraising, base-building, and messaging. Jasper hopes the conference will help these survivors find strength, will, and determination in their stories rather than weakness.