Jordan Valerie Allen

Community Safety, Police Brutality and Prison Abolition


Abolish at College: Abolition Politics and Restorative Alternatives to Oppressive Systems is a pilot program designed to bring abolition politics to college campuses and young people. Though most slavery “except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted” was legally abolished in 1865, abolition politics nonetheless developed as the U.S. maintained slavery through more covert means, and maintained the subjugation of Black bodies through state-sanctioned racial terrorism and systemic discrimination. Through the enforcing of oppressive structures that target Black bodies, the U.S. government carried on the legacy of slavery and succeeded in denying any sort of justice to those harmed by slavery and its remnants. Modern-day abolition politics is an anti-capitalist movement that demands racial justice through the abolition of modernized slavery and systemic racial oppression.