Justina has been a youth leader at an Atlanta non-profit organization named Project South. She has participated in various conferences and movements, such as the Southern Movement Assembly, which took place in Lowndes County, Alabama to fight against voter restrictions before the election, and Journey for Justice, a rally at Department of Education that discussed the closings of public schools across the country. She is passionate about education and hopes to motivate young students to be proactive about changing the curriculum in a way that benefits all students, without showing any particular bias to a certain culture or ethnicity.


Phone: Interactive Website to Rid Cultural Ignorance Justina Trims dream is to have a world free of cultural ignorance. Through her Blueprint, she plans to build an interactive website that gives students a chance to learn accurate information about their own culture, as well as that of others. This website will include games and the ability to chat with other students. Participants can also choose a cultural activity they would like to engage in (such as attend a festival, or go to the museum), and young folks in in the Atlanta area can meet up and engage in the cultural activity they picked all together. Justina hopes her Blueprint will increase peoples understanding of various ethnicities and heritages, and provide youth with a space to have fun while learning about the beauty of cultures different from their own.