Civic Engagement


Kaitlyn envisions a just and safe society that cares for its most vulnerable youth and endows them with a voice to build better lives and stronger communities. Many youth in state care approach adulthood without the support and resources they need to thrive. Their vulnerability puts them at high risk of homelessness, incarceration, and victimization in a state that places a high penalty on mistakes. In collaboration with local nonprofits, Kaitlyn and her peers are facilitating public speaking workshops for foster youth. Kaitlyn also organized a panel discussion entitled Journalism and Juvenile Justice: How Your Sentences Affect Theirs, which includes distinguished journalists, scholars, advocates, and representatives of the juvenile justice system in a conversation about the implications of sensationalism and the role of the media in juvenile sentencing reform. She hopes her work will entrust our foster youth with the power of their own voices and enlighten our community about the dangers of prejudgment so that everyone who has a stake in the child welfare and juvenile justice systems is prepared to transform them.