Through her Blueprint, Katherine Warren founded The Akili Initiative, a student movement that seeks to build the next generation of young leaders in global health to train organizations in 21st-century social media, advocacy, and strategy. Akili seeks to connect the ingenuity, expertise, and energy of youth to grassroots global health organizations in need of support to improve services, organizational efficiency, community outreach, public image, and fundraising efforts. Akili develops the capacities of the next generation of leaders in global health (Akili Fellows) and provides much-needed services to under-resourced global health organizations. Through participating in the Akili program, Fellows gain a valuable opportunity to apply their skills in a hands-on context to drive concrete results. Students regularly expend enormous effort to find work experiences that give them the guidance, organizational access, and degree of ownership necessary to prove their abilities and refine their intended career path. With the Akili model, Fellows are given all of this, in addition to cutting-edge training in business fundamentals, social media use and web development, and proposal writing.