Kavell Brown

Economic Justice


People Over Poverty is a direct service educational organization seeking to teach, empower, and educate adults and teenagers of low socioeconomic status/low-income in New York City on how to maneuver capitalism in America through educational seminars. Through these seminars, participants will be examining how the system of capitalism is applied and manifested in their daily lives, and how to tangibly build social and cultural capital. In America, these forms of capital (social and cultural) are used as tools to perpetuate economic stagnation, gaps in achievement, and poverty in various communities. P.O.P seeks to address the underlying systemic causation of poverty with the goal of enhancing socioeconomic mobility and self-advocacy. Through these seminars, we will track other socioeconomic metrics such as graduation rates, literacy rates, economic acumen, content comprehension, content analysis, and other metrics to measure our success.