Environmental Justice


Chicche is a rural community located in the central Andes of Peru at 3800 meters above sea level. Due to the frigid climate, with temperatures often dropping below 0°C, Chicche has specialized in growing cold resistant food, mainly potatoes and small vegetable crops, for family consumption. However, climate change in the region has triggered more extreme and unpredictable weather, with temperatures as low as -16°C, especially from May to September. These conditions make it impossible to grow vegetables in open spaces. Thus, the diet of the people of Chicche today consists mainly of potatoes and other carbohydrates, lacking the complementary nutrients that vegetables provide. This scenario has created food insecurity issues in the community, which has worsened children malnutrition rates and poverty in the community. Kelly’s Blueprint project seeks to alleviate the effects of the cold weather in the community by building fifteen rustic greenhouses that will benefit approximately 290 community members. The design of these rustic greenhouses combines local community knowledge with modern greenhouse materials. The rustic greenhouses will diminish the challenges of cold weather for vegetable growing and will provide an environment for rich crop yields. Without traveling far distances and being limited by the colder temperatures, the community of Chicche will be able to count on independent sources of vegetables to diversify the local diet. Kelly’s Blueprint was awarded a grant by Davis Projects for Peace that will enable her to implement her project over the summer of 2014. She believes rustic gree