Ky’Eisha’s Blueprint project, “Sheltered, Not Shattered,” addresses the effects of violence on youth, whether it is seen inside of the household through domestic violence, in the community through gang violence or in the schools through bullying. She wants to instill the importance of attaining an education in order to better themselves and in order to make even larger differences in their communities. She envisions a community that takes a stance against violence and for education for its young people. It is all too often that she sees more of her community’s youth on the streets or in juvenile centers than at graduation ceremonies. Her passion is to reach out to these youth, providing them with mentorship and other resources to help make their future dreams and aspirations become a reality despite their circumstances. As cliche as it sounds, she believes that children are the future and hopes that the investment that she and “Sheltered, Not Shattered” put in their youth will help them rise from their shortcomings, become something great, and do amazing things.