Environmental Justice


BLUEPRINT: Greening Ohio State University. YP4 Fellows wanted to see Ohio State University become an environmentally friendly, or green, campus. With 58,000 students, The Ohio State University is the largest University in the nation. YP4 Fellows worked with campus offices and several student groups to challenge the administration to go green. Fellows and their allies developed several commercials to be shown on the campus television station, stickers to place over light switches reminding students to turn off lights and buttons to wear in order to show support for a greener OSU. They also held a solar powered Green Fair featuring several environmental solutions. For example, Toyota brought hybrid vehicles the school could use in its fleet. To bring their message home to students, the Fellows and like minded students conducted a dorm raid in which they replaced all of the light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs. The students continued to push the administration to rely on green sources of power and to dedicate some of their energy savings to continued research on environmental sustainabilty.