Environmental Justice

Raised in New England, educated in the Midwest, and powered by California sunshine, Lisa currently calls Oakland, CA home. As a young queer womxn of color with Chinese biological roots, Korean cultural roots, and a mixed race chosen family, she thinks deeply about the intersection of lived experiences and data in policy and power. Lisa is a graduate of Macalester College, where she studied Geography, Environmental Studies, Political Science, and Community and Global Health. Her experiences include work with former sex trafficking victims, low-income youth, immigrants, and refugees; she has also worked with education and tech nonprofits and government agencies of varying scales, from local government and watershed districts to the United Nations Development Programme. In 2014, Lisa researched the intersection of the Syrian refugee crisis and Jordanian water scarcity crisis in Amman, Jordan. Her professional interests include water security, environmental justice, equitable health care, and community-driven development. Lisa is passionate about ensuring the right to health and a clean environment for communities of color and low-income immigrant communities, which she sees as foundational for other visions of social justice and racial equity. She is also a performer, writer, and director, committed to working with foster youth in the juvenile dependency system. Lisa was a 2013 Public Policy and Leadership Conference participant at the Harvard Kennedy School, a 2014 Public Policy and International Affairs Law Fellow at UC Berkeley, and a 2016 Hope Institute Fellow at the Democratic National Committee. She currently serves as Special Projects Coordinator at The Greenlining Institute, an Oakland-based racial justice policy nonprofit dedicated to economically and politically empowering communities of color in CA and across the States. In this role, she develops, implements, and leads Greenlining’s Post-Election Strategy through coalition-building, content generation, art activism, strategic relationship-building, research, policy, and mobilization.