Logan Meza

Trans* & Queer Liberation


By Any Means Necessary ([BAM]N), aka The BAM Network, is a rapid response network for transgender and non-binary people of color in South Florida. This network aims to address the financial, medical, and emotional needs/crisis of these marginalized communities, particularly those who are folks of color. [BAM]N will work towards building an active network of resources to enrich the lives of non-binary and transgender people of color. These include but are not limited to; trauma-informed therapists who operate outside of a heteronormative and white supremacist lens, supportive medical professionals who provide access to transgender/non-binary competent medical care, stipend odd jobs for extra financial support, and more. Once you remove the obstacles that are obstructing our paths to greatness, the right to life becomes significantly more obtainable, which would lengthen the average lifespan of non-binary and transgender people of color.