Civic Engagement


The Manhattanville Fence Public Art Project brings together the diverse stakeholders of West Harlem to engage in dialogue about the changing landscape and collaborative future of Manhattanville and to express these understandings and neighborhood values through public art. The project will utilize the construction fence around Columbia University’s Manhattanville Campus to visually communicate the rich history, relevant opportunities, and dynamic future of the West Harlem neighborhood. With approximately 33,500 square feet of sidewalk-adjacent construction fencing and a thirty-year development plan, the Manhattanville Fence Public Art Project is engaging numerous organizations, artists, student groups, and community leaders to create a cohesive public art installation over the course of the multi-decade development. Uniting the vision, talent, and resources of Columbia University and West Harlem’s Community District 9, the Manhattanville Fence Public Art Project will beautify the construction area and create a community conversation-starter by using art as a vehicle to launch productive dialogues about critical community issues and build healthy, collaborative relationships among neighborhood stakeholders.