Racial Justice

Negeen Sadeghi-Movahed graduated from UCLA with a degree in political science and has served as the Associate Director of the Iranian American Women Foundation. Her passions lie in social justice, human rights, and the law. She hopes to attend law school in fall 2016 to fulfill her aspirations of providing legal representation for under-served communities. Before her academic career at UCLA, Negeen held leadership positions at United Nations Association of Orange County, as Vice-President of Membership, and Network of Iranian Professionals of Orange County, being the youngest member of the Executive Board in the organization’s 29-year history. She was a writer for Fempowerment Journal, a collaborative blog discussing feminist issues. In 2013, she was nominated for the Star Award at the OC Global Women’s Conference and received an honorable mention. Upon attending UCLA, Negeen was highly involved in student government representing UCLA in statewide and nation-wide conferences and elected UCLA’s first ever Transfer Student Representative for the Undergraduate Student Association Council. Negeen represented over 28,000 undergraduate students, hired and managed 30+ staff members, and advocated for equitable institutional change. She also served as External Vice-President of the Iranian Student Group at UCLA. Negeen was an IAWF staff member, Chair of the Orange County National Iranian American Council (NIAC) Action team, and active member of the Southwest Asian, North Afrikan Coalition, a collective she helped form in 2014. She has also led conferences on education and international relations. Her work has been featured on Washington Post, Manoto TV, Mic, KIRN 670 radio, FEMsmagazine, ABC’s Nightline, BBC World Service’s day, and Al Jazeera America.