Education Justice

Nuno Pereira is a first generation Mexican-American, 2016 Fellow, and community activist. As a scholar, he was recognized as a 2015 Jack Kent Cooke Undergraduate Transfer Scholar and has researched the impacts of memory on the criminal justice system in John Jay College of Criminal Justice. In the community, Nuno was involved in the organization Make the Road NJ in which he traveled to advocate for immigrant and worker rights throughout the country. Through this service he has given testimony before bodies of elected officials and activists, in locations such as the State House in Trenton NJ and Washington D.C. Nuno also has served as president of Educate the Future, a grassroots movement he founded in the town of Hillside with the mission to close the education gap by providing free tutoring services to all families regardless of their social or economic background. The organization’s, and Nuno’s, ultimate goal is to provide every child with the same opportunity to reach their full potential through a high-quality education. He has further been recognized as a 2016 Vera Fellow and will begin working with a partnering agency with the Vera Institute of Justice this coming fall. As he continues to study Forensic Psychology at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Nuno aims to shape public policy and legislation through research and reform the criminal justice and education system to best serve the community. His future goals have included continuing his studies in the United Kingdoms, receiving his Ph.D. in Psychology, and running for elected office to inspire change in the community.