Education Justice

Oliver Telusma was born July 2nd, 1996 in Miami, Florida to Haitian parents. However, he is sure that his work lies not solely expanding opportunities for himself, but utilizing the resources at his disposal to create opportunities to disadvantaged communities. In his desire to combine elements of public service and civic engagement, charitable work and his love of public speaking and delivering spoken word pieces to create Progress (, an entity dedicated to closing economic, educational and racial-based disparities. He also took up the mantle of campaign manager for Juliun Kinsey, a candidate for Alachua County School Board, who was committed to closing gaps in one of the most economically disparate areas in the state of Florida and the country (Gainesville). His desire to practice law and eventually enter public service in the future does not deter from his unwavering belief now in society’s potential to be and equitable for all people.