Education Justice

Preston was a Mathematics, Sociology, and Cognitive Studies Triple Major. He pursued the Dual Degree Program while maintaining strong ties with the community that surrounded him. As an African-American, Chicano, gay male from poverty, Preston came to find harmony with community engagement and self-expansion. He is a founding member of the Gender and Sexuality Student Advisory Council and was a Senator-at-Large for the Undergraduate Student Government, a Community Engagement Advocate, Public Relations Chair of GENTE (Generating Excellence Now and Tomorrow in Education), and Vice President of Cohesion for Tulane’s Black Student Union. He was a POSSE Scholar who has been passionate about empowering those around him.


Phone: DESTINY Prestons Blueprint, the DESTINY Project was established in response to the lack of collaboration toward empowering youth between public, private, and charter high schools of the New Orleans Metro region. The DESTINY Project works to ensure there is effective collaboration and conversation between these schools and that DESTINYs resources are supported by the entire community and distributed equitably. The DESTINY Project serves as a complimentary service to existing high schools of the New Orleans region, with a recognition that each school has different needs and goals, from decreasing the dropout rate to increasing the number of college enrollments. The resources DESTINY provides include an academic-year mentorship program, a residential summer program, a school-sponsored organization, and a Collaboration and Accountability Board. The three-week residential summer program provides students with the unique opportunity to take academic courses at Tulane University, and there is social justice framework incorporated throughout the program curriculum and all aspects of the summer program.