Ramelcy Uribe

Gender Parity


Seeding Sanctuary Project is a Bronx-based initiative for young womxn of color to explore, reclaim, affirm, and celebrate themselves, their power, and their mental health through their relationships to land and food. Young womxn of color (YWoC) from The Bronx face various challenges and oppressions that threaten their safety, wellness, dreams, and lives. YWoC are in dire need of spaces to restore and care for themselves, to (re)imagine a world beyond their realities, and to be able to locate tangible tools and strategies that allow us to realize these visions in real-time. SSP is addressing the issues of racial justice and gender parity. The successful implementation of SSP would mean participants will become skilled at selecting and using culturally resonant plants and herbs, planting and stewarding the land, and making connections between land and liberation.