Reproductive Rights, Health, and Justice

Sara has lived and worked in Madison, Wisconsin. She worked with two statewide student associations, United Council of UW Students and Sankofa Squad, which was an association for students of color and allies. Sara spent much of her time running the Students Against Sexual Assault campaign through United Council. She is excited to see her vision turn into a reality, and is a proud member of the YP4 2013-2014 class.


Phone: Sharing Stories: Building Power in Communities to Combat Sexual Assault Saras Blueprint is focused on the sharing of stories of sexual assault. Her Blueprint is for both survivors and community members to talk about how these experiences harm not only individuals, but entire networks. Her hope is that it will be an online space that individuals can submit their videos, written narrative, artwork, photography and other mediums that help share the individual story. Sara is working to grow this initiative into a larger national project, but she is currently focusing on introducing it in her home states public higher education system The University of Wisconsin. The end goal is for this to be healing for survivors by providing them with a safe space to share their narratives and build a community of support and for it to be used to push for policy change around sexual assault on college campuses in the state of Wisconsin.