Racial Justice


Through the use of collective storytelling, Shea’s Blueprint places multiple narratives of transition from home to the Lawrence University community into the art gallery, especially stories that have traditionally been excluded from the space. Shea is collecting and curating stories from 7 individuals to craft holistic portraits that include watercolor, pencil, writings, and objects, found and created. Each portrait will weave race, culture and experience in an attempt to expose how people of various identities and backgrounds experience the university system very differently. In a world where many people (mostly white) believe we have moved beyond color, these portraits connect race, ethnicity, and the multiplicity of our identities to our experiences in the various systems of the United States, especially those that consider themselves ‘progressive’ or ‘liberal.’ A participatory piece and poetry workshop will allow others in the community to place themselves in a similar “where am I coming from?” framework and begin to have inner and outer dialogue abou