Sienna’s path in activism began in a small pediatric clinic in rural Ecuador. Building on her knowledge of women’s issues she partnered with a local volunteer to distribute and implement prenatal care pamphlets. This education initiative led her to pursue a position with Recrear International, a Canadian non-profit which promoted the role of youth in community development. Sienna was an advocate for women’s issues at her university and an active member Women in Living and Learning Program (WILL). Using the WILL template, Sienna hosted a Consent is Sexy Campaign to highlight the unsettling prevalence of sexual assault on college campuses nationwide. She hopes to continue her involvement in advocacy, education, and outreach for women’s issues by collaborating closely with the Sexual Assault and Violence Education student organization and through her internship at Safe Harbor, a Richmond service provider for individuals affected by intimate partner violence.


Phone: Undercurrents: A Progressive Radio-Magazine There are high barriers to entry that keep young people from establishing their own credibility in broadcast initiatives, informed by perceptions of legitimacy, authority, and expertise. These ageist undertones reinforce a system of social and cultural beliefs that devalue the voices and perspectives of young people and, particularly, of young women. In response, Sienna has designed and launched undercurrents, a radio-magazine aired on Barnard Colleges broadcast, WBAR, which seeks to explore barriers to social justice through activist interviews and artful resistance. It features a variety of contributors and utilizes an array of formats. By including dialogue with students and experts, caller feedback, musical tracks, and news sound bites all centered on a monthly theme, undercurrents makes for an informative and engaging segment that seeks to promote the cultural and creative welfare of the community.