Racial Justice

Taylor Lamb was a student at the University of Virginia, studying English and Drama. She is most passionate about using art as a means to create change. This was something she has tried to do throughout her time at UVA. She has most notably done this by writing and acting in The Black Monologues, a student written/directed/and produced show about the black experience at UVA, and spending her time as social chair for Paul Robeson Players, a revolutionary Black Theatre organization. Taylor is most passionate about racial justice, women’s equality, and the intersection of these issues for black women. In addition to her artistic activities, Taylor was a small group leader for Women’s Leadership Development Program, a program designed to empower women to reach their leadership potential and teach them how to navigate the struggles they will face as a result of being women. She served as the secretary for Black Women’s Initiative, a small conversation group for black women to discuss experiences specific to them. She has interned for Iris Magazine through the Maxine Platzer Lynn Women’s Center, where she wrote articles pertaining to women’s issues. She has also been awarded the Miller Arts Scholarship, a program for exceptional artists to cultivate their artistic talent through interdisciplinary discussion and collaborative work. She plans to use the resources of this program to continue creating art which impacts social change. Taylor hopes to create and be a part of art ranging from novels to plays to TV shows and more that empower young black women, and other women of color, and help to assist in the liberation of her people.