Racial Justice

Tina was a student studying Political Science at New York University. She has worked with a variety of non-profit organizations over the years such as Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund (AALDEF), the Asian Pacific Islander Coalition on HIV and AIDS (APICHA), the Chinese-American Planning Council, the Summer Leadership Initiative through the Chinatown Youth Initiatives, and much more. Tina is dedicated to building community, providing service to the underprivileged, and creating a program of leadership amongst the youth. She is committed to civil service and aspires to be a pro-bono lawyer in the future.


Phone: Raising Awareness in the Asian American Community through Film Tinas Blueprint seeks to bring awareness within the Asian American community about the social issues they currently face. The social issues she will focus on will include the model minority myth, the bamboo ceiling, and voting discrimination. Through the medium of film, she hopes to educate and empower students across campus and members of the API community to organize for change. By collaborating with the Asian American student groups at her campus, she hopes to create safe spaces for dialogues and opportunities for collaborations and discussion between the diverse cultural organizations on campus. The short film will be screened in workshops and trainings and will be sent to various Asian American organizations across the nation to build visibility and awareness.