Economic Justice


Zachary aspires to increase civic participation by making civic engagement more inclusive. Finding his roots in programs advocating for youth socioeconomic literacy and empowerment is devoted to the vision of empowerment through education and inclusion. His blueprint included a plan for the integration of a student voter-registration program at his home university; he aspires to practice law in a governmental role of advocacy. He studied physics and economics at The University of Wisconsin-Madison/La Crosse; has held numerous roles in community development programs and student advocacy, believing the best way to win change is through grassroots activism and policy. Originally born in Elizabethtown, KY, he found his home in Wisconsin, where his life was made possible by the warm-hearted, giving culture of the Midwest. So full of gratitude, he is driven to return the investment; he is an avid dreamer and runner, his favorite route being beneath the sunset of Wisconsin’s state capitol.