LGBTQ+ Rights


Zane’s Blueprint calls for the development and launch of a campus LGBTQ+ SafeSpace Program. This program involves training students, faculty, residence staff, Greek life officers, and young professionals at Millsaps College to enable them to foster and maintain safe spaces for LGBTQ+ students and employees in all facets of campus life. Zane’s Blueprint involves group trainings and passive programming through publicly accessible LGBTQ+ educational resource guides, as well as the development of trained student and faculty contacts dedicated to promoting secure and inclusive spaces for LGBTQ+ members of the campus community. The initiative also calls for the trainings of student SafeSpace facilitators in an effort to increase the number of trainings and ensure sustainability of the program. Additionally, Zane is focusing on revising Millsaps College’s non-discrimination policy to encompass gender, gender identity, and gender expression; building a constituency that can address concerns of the LGBTQ+ community in the Jackson area; and linking Millsaps College into the developing network of safe spaces, queer organizations, and institutions across Mississippi and the continental southeast.