:Reproductive Rights, Health, and Justice

Zuhdiah is a founding member of the George Mason Chapter of United2Heal, a humanitarian non-profit which raises money to send excess medical supplies to countries in need. She was an active volunteer with Mason Life, a post-secondary program for young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and assisted the students of the program with class work and residential life activities. As a part of the Arab Student Association and a member of the Dabke team, a traditional Mediterranean folk dance, it seems that the common denominator between all Zuhdiah’s projects was connectivity between people from all different walks of life with the goal of decreasing discrimination and hate, whether it was due to differences in culture, disability, or need.


Phone: Elevating the Voices of Women at George Mason University Zuhdiahs Blueprint centers on creating an interactive and informal safe space for women of color to discuss feminism and womens rights issues as well as their experiences with campus issues such as sexual assault, rape culture, and slut shaming. By creating a comfortable atmosphere, she hopes to create fellowship among the women on her campus and educate students and the surrounding community about the challenges women face every day due to misogyny and sexism. Her vision is to create a better understanding among the general population at her university, therefore creating a more conscious and inclusive environment on her campus. Zuhdiah also aspires to gain enough support to host a fundraising event that will showcase feminist art and speakers, and she will use the funds to benefit a womens shelter in a country chosen by the women in the campaign.