Alumni Engagement

Once the Fellowship year is over, YP4 encourages alumni to continue utilizing the networks created through the program. These connections are critical for building support, uniting young emerging talent, cultivating leadership skills, and contributing to the progressive movement. Alumni also have the opportunity to give back to the YP4 program by sharing their experiences and expertise with the current Fellowship class:


Advisory CouncilAlumni Board

The board is comprised of 10 former YP4 Fellows who are selected by YP4 staff based on their demonstrated leadership as well as their commitment to the program and to the larger progressive movement. Please visit the Board’s webpage for more information.




alumniLocal Networks

To support alumni in the communities where they live and work, YP4 staff and the Alumni Board work with local networks of alumni to convene regional calls and events to discuss issues, advocacy campaigns, and other work specific to their regions. Currently, 200 YP4 alumni are participating in local networks in New York City, Washington, and San Francisco.



Regional TrainingFellowship Support

Every year, alumni help to recruit, nominate, and select new Fellows. They also serve as trainers and support staff at regional and national trainings and help review Blueprints for Social Justice. Approximately 200 alumni have assisted in the recruitment and selection of the past five Fellowship classes alone.


lela trainingMentors

During the YP4 Fellowship program, staff matches current Fellows with alumni based on skill set, issue area, and region. Fellows spend four months working with mentors in one-on-one sessions that guide them through goal setting, network/relationship-building, and the creation of a Blueprint for Social Justice.




brendien at courtAlumni Giving

By giving back, alumni show their appreciation for the experiences they went through as YP4 Fellows, ensuring that future generations of young leaders have access to YP4’s programs. Please consider making a generous donation today.



speed networkingNetworking

In addition to meeting up with other alumni through local networks and coming back to YP4 spaces as trainers and mentors, we encourage alumni to grow the relationships from their Fellowship year by connecting online with other members of the alumni network. Joining our listervs and social media groups is the most effective way to receive notifications from staff and fellow YP4 alumni regarding opportunities for engagement and other YP4 updates.

There are multiple social media outlets YP4 alumni can plug into, including:

Facebook – connect with currents Fellows and alums in the following groups:

      1. Young People For Page
      2. Young People For Alumni Group
      3. Front Line Leaders Academy Alumni Group

Connect with us on TwitterYouTubePinterest, and LinkedIn.


newsletter pictureNewsletter Listservs

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