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The YP4 Network has grown to over 1,700 young activists doing social justice work in communities across the United States and the world. For a sense of who is working in your area or where to find other members of the YP4 network, please consult the directory below.

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Alyssa Smith

Alyssa Smith was born in Pine Bluff, AR and has resided in Little Rock. Alyssa enjoys immersing herself in various cultures. For example, traveling is an important part of Alyssa’s life. Alyssa has taken opportunities to study abroad. At Alyssa’s high school, Alyssa was involved in Central’s International Acceptance Organization (CIAO), which was a club centered on bringing the experience of other cultures to my peers. Alyssa also enjoys learning about history, especially when it informs Alyssa of her heritage. Alyssa volunteered at Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site and was a member of the Historic Site’s Youth Leadership Academy (YLA). As a chairman of her school’s chapter of the NAACP, Alyssa has a passion for social justice. In addition to being in NAACP, Alyssa was a member of Project Town, a student-based social justice organization sponsored by Communities of Arkansas (JCA). After graduation, Alyssa plans on going to the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. Alyssa is not sure what she wants to major in yet, but she hopes it will align with her interests. In the future, Alyssa wants to start an organization that helps at-risk youth by giving them the opportunities that might not be afforded to them; whether it is going to a state park, a museum, or learning how to garden, the exposure will make a difference in their lives. Alyssa’s mother made it a priority that she knew the importance of history, geography, and culture. Alyssa wants to pass on the knowledge she has gained to the younger generation.

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Alyssah Roth

Alyssah Roth was a student at the University of Texas at El Paso, majoring in women’s and Gender Studies and minoring in creative writing. She has been extremely passionate about her job as a writing tutor, and her other passions include activism, biking, gardening, and spending time with her partner, family, friends, and bear of a dog, Baloo. Alyssah is dedicated to reproductive justice issues that affect Texans and was the Director of West Fund, an abortion access fund based out of El Paso in far West Texas.

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Amanda Gomez

Amanda was a Sociology major at Texas A&M University. She was a member of SAVE (Student Anti-Violence Educators), a peer education group that facilitated discussions on domestic violence, stalking, and sexual assault. She has served on a university sexual violence awareness committee and has appeared in her school’s public service announcements on the issue. She was a volunteer at a sexual assault resource center. Amanda is dedicated to teaching bystander intervention methods to students while promoting a safe campus culture. In addition to her victim advocacy, she was a research assistant in the Department of Sociology.

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Amanda Matos

Amanda R. Matos is a community organizer from the Bronx, New York and has dedicated her time and efforts toward racial and gender justice and reproductive freedom.

She was the Founder and Executive Director of The WomanHOOD Project (Helping Ourselves Overcome Discrimination), an innovative after school mentorship program for young women of color in the Bronx. WomanHOOD started as Amanda’s Young People For (YP4) Blueprint Project in 2011 and has expanded since then, leading her to being selected as one of five young leaders to receive the Peace First Prize in 2014. She credits YP4 with providing her with the tools to engage in meaningful anti-oppressive work. She now serves as a mentor and trainer to support the cultivation of young progressive leaders in the fellowship program. Amanda also works in the reproductive rights field fighting for legislation that protects people’s access to healthcare.

In May 2013, Amanda graduated from Columbia University, where she studied Ethnic Studies and Human Rights, focusing on the intersections between sexism and racism in the United States. Amanda has served as the Graduate Student Relations Chair on the board for the Latino Alumni Association of Columbia University and as a board member on the Fund for a Safer Columbia.

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Amanda Perry

Amanda Perry is a painter, womanist, and student. Her experience growing up in a low-income family in the Bronx, New York has informed her passion for urban youth empowerment. Amanda is interested in work that focuses on education through the arts, food and housing justice, as well as economic empowerment.  Amanda has also collaborated with other artists of color on projects that explore ideas of beauty, intersectionality, wellness in communities of color, and what it means to combat and process displacement.

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Amber Tinsmon

Amber has spent her life fighting for reproductive justice and women’s rights and has gone from being carried down the halls of the Missouri Capitol Building by her mother to interning on political campaigns to founding the first GSA at her college. She hopes to use the resources YP4 offers to bring all of her ambitious ideas to fruition.

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Ameenah Muhammad

2009 Young People For Fellow, Ameenah Muhammed attended the University of Illinois, Chicago. Hoping eventually to practice medicine in underserved communities Ameenah was a pre-med student majoring in Sociology. Although Ameenah was originally Biology major she decided to switch her major to Sociology in order to be able to approach medicine with specific knowledge of and focus on patient care and relations. In addition to her passion for health and medicine Ameenah has been active with community organization, Inner City Muslim Action Network (IMAN) since high school, and is enthusiastic about working with youth in her community.

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Amir Rankin

Amir Rankin was the president of his school’s Gay and Straight Alliance, the bulldog for school events and one of the founding members of the student booster club. While he attended Pitt, Amir made it his goal to get involved and make a difference, and under his leadership, the GSA had several successful events such as “Ally Day” and “Awareness Week.” Amir’s philosophy is that we are all human living for love and happiness and with his tireless efforts he believes that he can accomplish every goal and overcome every hurdle until equality is reached for all.

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Amonte Martin

Amonte’, who studied Agricultural Business student, attended Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, Florida. Amonte’ has been humble, passionate, eager, and committed to maked a difference in his community, and at his university, where he served as the 2012-2013 Mr. College of Agriculture and Food Sciences. With help from YP4, Amonte’ planned to start a non-profit organization to help empower, motivate, and aid single parents in the development of their children and themselves.

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Ana Guevara

Ana Guevara was the Core-Leader for the E.Q.U.A.L. Club at Palm Beach State College-Lake Worth Campus. With the club, she was dedicated to raising awareness about human rights issues in her community. She also believes in equality for all, but most importantly, in a color-blind society where all people can truly be included and not be judged based on their race, background, or sexual orientation. She was also involved in other college organizations, such as ASPIRA, which believed in leadership through education by mainly focusing in the educational attainment of the minorities.

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Anagha Uppal

Anagha Uppal was one of fifteen students in the Haslam Scholars Program, a selective honors scholarship program at the University of Tennessee. She aims to use the knowledge she earned through her self-directed Computational Social Science major to adopt technology in the development of community-based solutions to local issues. She was the training director for the local non-profit organization East Tennessee Peace & Justice Center. She also led two campus food justice campaigns and has participated in Clinton Global Initiative University and the Public Policy Challenge at her university, for which her team wrote a policy to increase nonpartisan youth voter turnout. She worked at her university Geographic Information Systems (GIS) research lab and wrote for the Amplifier, Knoxville’s street paper. She believes her familiarity with five languages may aid her in her future goals.

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Andrea Headley

Andrea Headley attended the University of Miami. She was a double major in Human and Social Development and Criminology with a minor in Communication Studies. She has worked with various non-profit organizations, taught law at an all boys detention center, conducted community based research, worked for political campaigns, and mentors and tutors student athletes. She believes in educational equality and opportunity for all as well as juvenile justice. She has interest in policy and various other legal aspects. Ultimately, she longs to become an influential community builder in her hometown to empower and uplift others by God’s help.

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Andrea Ramaley-Pesola

Andrea attended the University of Minnesota. She has worked on a variety of social justice issues, ranging from worked to get more gender neutral bathrooms on campus to voted rights. Her passion for social justice was really sparked when she spent fall semester of her junior year studying off campus in the Twin Cities through HECUA’s Inequality and America program. Andrea has been passionate about a wide variety of issues, and this was why she has been very excited to learn more about herself as to where her skills and passions align in the social justice field.

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