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The YP4 Network has grown to over 1,700 young activists doing social justice work in communities across the United States and the world. For a sense of who is working in your area or where to find other members of the YP4 network, please consult the directory below.

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Summer Thompson

Summer Thompson was a Communications major with a minor in Business Administration from Abilene Christian University. She is passionate about cultural competency, sociology, and the social justice movement. On campus, she was involved with the Office of Multicultural Affairs, Black Student’s Association, and International Justice Mission. Eventually, she plans to partake in a position in the students’ association. Off campus, she served as Vice President for the Texas NAACP Youth and College Division. When people ask her how she’s doing in achieving her endeavors she always responds, “I’m doing me, but on a larger scale.”

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Suryaa Murali

Suryaa Murali is from Fremont CA. As an ACE action Fellow for the 2015-16 Bay Area cohort, he has worked in coalition building, legislation, service, and event planning related to climate change. By doing work with ACE he was able to see that we have the capability to make social change happen to better our planet. The real issue today is people conforming to society’s so-called limitations and structure in the realm of politics, economics, and authority. People tend to make decisions that are not necessarily the best in regards to justice or society because of conforming. This world does not need economic, political, or psychological change to change for the better. It needs Moral change. He believes each one of us needs to make good moral decisions in order to stop the gridlock that is holding us back from achieving social justice in all aspects. To make change happen we must all come together with the one vision to save our planet for future generations. Suryaa hopes to build a network of like-minded people in order to achieve his goal of creating one vision based on moral values. Effective altruism is another one of his values, and it’s basically the philosophy that applies effective and evidence-based decision making. Through YP4 Suryaa took measures to make collective power, effective altruism, and moral decisions the norm of society.

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Swathi Shanmugasundaram

Swathi was a representative of the school of Literature, Science, and the Arts on Central Student Government at the University of Michigan. She is dedicated to addressing issues such as police brutality, racial injustice, and climate change and continues to advocate for policy changes. She hopes to continue to work towards improving campus climate and address these issues on a larger scale in the future.

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Sydney Pettiford

Sydney was a member of the executive board for a chapter of United For Undergraduate Socio-Economic Diversity (UFUSED) at the University of Virginia (Uva). As advocacy chair, she tried to create relationships with faculty, other organizations and the community to encourage dialogue about socio-economic diversity at the university and at secondary institutions. With the cuts to AccessUVa (UVa’s financial aid program), UFUSED’s role was even more important. Sydney sought to engage the community through her activities inside and outside the organization by emphasizing student empowerment and encouraging and equipping students to be catalysts for positive change. Aiming to create a cohesive university community and promote multiculturalism, she was a peer advisor for the Office of African American Affairs and a resident advisor for the International Residential College at the University of Virginia.

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Sydney Wilson

Sydney was a student at Arizona State University. She was a Social Work major and is passionate about assisting those in poverty, improving self-esteem in the at-risk youth of Arizona, and helping defeat world hunger. Sydney was involved in Collegetown@ASU, a club dedicated to promoting social justice, cultural diversity and developing leaders.

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Sylvie Rosenkalt

Sylvie was a board member at the Edmonia Lewis Center for Women and Trans*people, a student-run center at Oberlin College dedicated to anti-oppression work from a multi-issue standpoint. She has focused on cultivating a community of politicized disabled students on campus. She co-founded and led a peer support group for disabled and/or chronically ill students who see collective healing as a radical response to an ableist society that attempts to isolate them. She was also involved with anti-prison organizing in North East Ohio.

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Tamarre Torchon

Tamarre Torchon was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. There she grew up fully immersed in rich Haitian culture. Torchon was the South Eastern Regional Director for National Action Network’s Youth Move, one of the leading civil rights organizations in the Nation with chapters throughout the entire United States. She is dedicated to organizing youth in communities to advocate for social justice, education, and against youth violence. Tamarre was a student at Georgia State University and studied Public Policy and Urban Education. Torchon has plans to continue her efforts in and outside of the community through civil service and social justice work.

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Tara Chattoraj

Tara was the President of a local environmental club and active with the Alliance for Climate Education, Amnesty International, and a variety of other organizations. She has a broad area of interest, ranging from LGBTQ rights to Indian culture’s mainstream acceptance, and was dedicated to supporting them as she pursued her undergraduate degree. She worked on a published explanation and preservation of Hindu religious practices and on Oxford University Press’s latest Indian public health book with author Kanai Mukhjeree. Tara believes that when provided with proper awareness and tools, humanity as a whole can come together to confront the world’s problems together.

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Taylor Crumpton

Taylor Crumpton is a Master’s of Social Work Candidate at the University of Pennsylvania. She is studying macro social work practice and working with Project HOME, a Philadelphia non-profit organization empowering individuals to break the cycle of poverty and homelessness through affordable housing, employment, health care, and education, in their Advocacy and Public Policy Department.

During her time as a graduate student at Penn, she assists in the Gender and Sexuality Policy Lab which reconceptualizes policy work across public and private institutions to inform the lives of people experiencing marginalization in society and the housing economy–particularly LGBTQ youth who are most at risk.

Through her involvement with Young People For, she collaborated with a team of fellows on an amicus brief for the Whole Women’s v. Hellerstedt Supreme Court case, and was featured as a speaker for Center for Reproductive Rights Stop The Sham rally during the oral arguments of Whole Women’s. Her writing has been featured in Glamour, The Guardian and Teen Vogue.

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Taylor Lamb

Taylor Lamb was a student at the University of Virginia, studying English and Drama. She is most passionate about using art as a means to create change. This was something she has tried to do throughout her time at UVA. She has most notably done this by writing and acting in The Black Monologues, a student written/directed/and produced show about the black experience at UVA, and spending her time as social chair for Paul Robeson Players, a revolutionary Black Theatre organization. Taylor is most passionate about racial justice, women’s equality, and the intersection of these issues for black women. In addition to her artistic activities, Taylor was a small group leader for Women’s Leadership Development Program, a program designed to empower women to reach their leadership potential and teach them how to navigate the struggles they will face as a result of being women. She served as the secretary for Black Women’s Initiative, a small conversation group for black women to discuss experiences specific to them. She has interned for Iris Magazine through the Maxine Platzer Lynn Women’s Center, where she wrote articles pertaining to women’s issues. She has also been awarded the Miller Arts Scholarship, a program for exceptional artists to cultivate their artistic talent through interdisciplinary discussion and collaborative work. She plans to use the resources of this program to continue creating art which impacts social change. Taylor hopes to create and be a part of art ranging from novels to plays to TV shows and more that empower young black women, and other women of color, and help to assist in the liberation of her people.

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Taylor Nawrocki

Taylor was a student at UNC-Chapel Hill majoring in Comparative Literature with minors in Environmental Studies and Social and Economic Justice. She was an active member and former co-chair of Homeless Outreach Poverty Eradication, which aimed to alleviate poverty and homelessness through advocacy and community education. She has also been a research assistant for food justice issues, a Buckley Public Service Scholar, and a sibling at St. Anthony Hall, an all-gender literary and art fraternity. Taylor is passionate about tackling justice issues through creating dialogue about the frameworks that are keeping them in existence.

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Taynara Costa-Moura

Ty is an activist and was the President of the Associated Students of Santa Monica College, where she advocated and worked towards college affordability and student success. Ty has a passion and a vision to make quality education free and accessible to everyone, as she believes that all social injustices are deeply rooted in education or the lack thereof. She advocated with the Student Senate for California Community Colleges and with local and state representatives to increase public education funding, student success and to close the achievement gap. She has authored and lobbied for many resolutions and initiatives and has founded the first community college Roosevelt Institute Chapter to encourage her peers to participate in the political process and join the progressive movement.

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