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The YP4 Network has grown to over 1,500 young activists doing social justice work in communities across the United States and the world. For a sense of who is working in your area or where to find other members of the YP4 network, please consult the directory below.

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Tracy Gebhart

Tracy Gebhart is a recent graduate of the Master’s of Public Policy program at the University of Massachusetts Amherst (UMass), where she specialized in both education and disability policy. Prior to completing her degree, Tracy dedicated her undergraduate career to increasing the accessibility and affordability of higher education for students with disabilities. With support from organizations like the United States Student Association, Amherst College’s Civil Liberties and Public Policy program, and UMass’ Office of Civic Engagement and Service-Learning, she focused her YP4 blueprint project on building a student leadership project by and for students with disabilities as UMass Amherst. As new resident to the New York City metro area, Tracy hopes to continue using her community development and data research experience to increase the quality of care and services available for people with disabilities.

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Tranard Harvin

Tranard Harvin is a sophomore at Claflin University where he is studying psychology. He has a passion for working with underprivileged youth because he has experienced such conditions growing up. He understands the value of a quality education and seeks to instill the importance of community involvement in those who fail to realize it. Tranard is the founder of the Low Country Youth Enhancement Program (LCYEP), a youth-led outreach group that seeks to enhance the natural abilities of the youth in Williamsbug County, SC. He plans to move the youth in his native community by expressing the importance of self investment and community awareness.

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Trevor McNary

Trevor McNary is a native, and proud, Kentuckian. He is a student at the University of Kentucky where he is a Gaines Fellow, a member of the Student Government Association, and is an ambassador for the College of Arts and Sciences. He spent one summer working for the Center for American Progress and another working for a senate campaign. After graduating, Trevor plans to pursue a Master’s degree in public policy and dive into the world of political campaigning.  Ultimately, he hopes to work with an NGO, think tank, or advocacy group that aims to politically empower young people across the country (partly due to his own fear of aging).

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Trinidad Rodriguez

Trinidad is the founder of Las Nietas de Cuauhtémoc, an organization at the University of New Mexico. Dedicated to embracing and empowering Chicana feminist voices through learning and creating self-publications, Trinidad’s primary involvement in the university and community is to promote higher education to students who lack support or the proper resources to attend higher education. She is involved in New Mexico Movimiento Estudiantil de Aztlan, Mexican Student Association, and volunteered at the National Impact conference. She also exhibits her leadership in her community by advocating for immigrants’ rights. Through her involvement in New Mexico Dreamers in Action in Albuquerque and in her hometown in California with the San Gabriel Valley Immigrant Youth Coalition (SGVIYC) and United without Boundaries (UWB). Trinidad helped organize to stop the deportation of two activist students who were located in the Georgia deportation center.

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Tru’Lesia Newberry

Tru’Lesia Newberry is a dual-degree student at Florida International University studying International Relations & Political Science with a minor in Social Welfare including academic and technical certificates ranging in African& African Diaspora, Leadership Studies, and Law, Ethics& Society. Born on the Southside of Chicago, Newberry has come a very long way to become the epitome of Diversity in Leadership. She has served in many leadership capacities as: Undergraduate Representatives of the African & African Diaspora Studies Program; Past Vice-President of the Black Student Union council; Past Chapter Director and Current National Philanthropy Co-Chair of the Black Female Development Circle, Inc.; Founding President of the second national collegiate-club of the United States National Committee for UN Women; and Team Coordinator of the FIU SquaDD of the Dream Defenders. Newberry now sets out to dream a little bigger to continue advocating for educational reform to establish educational justice for global communities of marginalized people, being a voice to end poverty through policy, empowering women & girls worldwide, and community organizing for the collegiate students to be the change they want to see. She has decided to serve for City Year and PeaceCorps following her graduation in May 2016. She is adamant of focusing her efforts on achieving sustainable legislations and programs on and off Capitol Hill through grassroots based and global multi-lateral grant making organizations, and she is very pleased to have opportunity to be considered an activist for social justice and human rights and hopes to continue her research & involvement with the intersections of race and gender while inspiring others to live their own DREAM COME TRU!

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Tylasha Gusman

Tylasha Gusman is a student at Xavier University of Louisiana with a major in chemistry-prepharmacy. She has lived in New Orleans all her life. Tylasha is interested in helping low income communities to receive access to healthcare. She feels that everyone deserves a chance at a long, happy life.

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Tyler Barbarin

Tyler works with organizations to address the complex and challenging problems of education reform in the Richmond, Virginia area. Her experiences with the flawed education system has shaped the urgency she feels around education reform and motivates a desire in her to improve education holistically in the United States.

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Tyler Dos Santos-Tam

Tyler Dos Santos-Tam is the Executive Director of the Hawaii Construction Alliance, an umbrella organization comprised of the state’s 15,000-member strong Carpenters, Laborers, Bricklayers, Cement Masons, and Operating Engineers unions. He also serves on the City and County of Honolulu’s Neighborhood Commission, which oversees Oahu’s neighborhood board system. He is active as a board member of the Young Democrats of America, the Good Beginnings Alliance, and the Hawaii Filipino Jaycees, He is also a member of the 2014 Class of the Pacific Century Fellows.

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Uma Venkatraman

Uma is a juniore at Oberlin College where she works at Oberlin’s Sexual Information Center (SIC). The SIC provides low cost safer-sex supplies, workshops, sexual education classes, and confidential peer counseling to members of the Oberlin community. Uma teaches Spanish to elementary school students and is focused on learning pedagogical techniques that promote student choice and output. She is interested in working to combine these two interests within a framework that acknowledges how dynamics of race, class, and gender can manifest within classroom spaces.

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Unique Griffin

Unique Griffin is a Human Relations major at the University of Oklahoma. Unique is a first generation college student and makes it a point to not only be involved on her campus but in her community as well. Unique an active member in OU’s Black Student Association, Unique is the Special Events Coordinator for WOP, which stands for Women of Power and is geared towards the empowerment of minority women on our campus and I also hold one of the positions as the Public Relations Committee for the Big XII Conference on Black Student Government. Aside from her involvement at school, she is a Big Sister for the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program and volunteer at McCortney Family Hospice. Unique believes in social justice, and fighting against societal intersections that reinforce oppressive behaviors of racism, transphobia, sexism, religion, classism and ableism. Unique is an advocate for inner city students and encourage them to further their education by going to college. In the future, Unique plans to start her own non-profit organization to make that an easily accessible reality for them. I think that education is a very important key to success and self-betterment that everyone should have the opportunity to partake in, no matter what factors they have against them.

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Valerie Santana

Valerie was born in Los Angeles, California and is currently living with her mother, two brothers and two sisters in South Central, California. She moved to South Central during her freshmen year and joined the Eco Club to work for a better environment and because her teacher, Robert Jeffers, introduced her to the many reasons we should care about the environment. The love of nature and smiles it brought to people faces she cared about were life changing. She was motivated to continue making change in her community on an ongoing basis. Valerie is the ASB president and hosts beautification days on her campuses on Saturdays. She’s also the Soccer captain, an Eco club member, the YES Audubon Leader, LA Audubon Restoration leader, LA Audubon Intern, Santa Monica Aquarium volunteer, Golf manager, Student Run LA member, and now an Action Fellow with ACE. Juggling all these incredible experiences only grows her love for the work she’s doing. She wants change and awareness to spread throughout her community. Valerie is a senior and will be attending Vanguard University Southern California in the fall 2015. She wants to major in Biology and Minor in Communications. Her long term goal is to be the Mayor of Los Angeles and travel to all 50 States. She loves camping, hiking, tubing, cliff jumping, swimming, shopping, EATING, playing soccer, listening to music and lip syncing. She loves animals, long boarding and snapchat.

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Varun Khattar

Varun is a queer, feminist, South Asian activist, educator, scholar, and writer. He studies Sociology at the University of Connecticut where he is completing an Honors thesis on queer undocumented immigrant youth organizing. He co-facilitates the Men’s Project, a sexual violence prevention training program for male-identified students, and founded and leads the Civic Scholars Collective, a mentorship and discussion group for students in the social sciences, humanities, and fine arts. He performs research and outreach to address health inequities in the Hartford area and ensure patients at local hospitals receive culturally and linguistically competent care. He is also committed to assisting minority and immigrant youth overcome educational barriers. In addition, he has worked to support sustainable economic development in Guatemala and co-authored a clinician’s guide on intersexuality. As a major proponent of self-care, he is a fan of live music, cats, tattoos, and wine, in moderation of course!

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